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Networking Basics

Networking has a huge effect on real estate investing success. Doing it well is worth the effort for real estate investors.

Positive Cashflow Strategies

Many investors seek positive cashflow through rental properties. 3 strategies to ensure positive cashflow provide some fundamentals for real estate investors.

Affordable housing policy

What Ails Affordable Housing?

What Ails Affordable Housing? Affordable housing is the buzzword of our times. Affordable housing extends to a growing number of people who lack the means to live in decent houses and apartments. Anybody making less than $100,000 a year has this issue. The issue therefore is a big deal for  California and for the United…
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Property taxes, parcel taxes

Parcel Taxes

Parcel Tax in California Parcel taxes differ from traditional ad valorem property taxes (taxes levied as a percentage of value), because local government imposes it on a per-parcel basis.  Local governments that may impose parcel taxes include cities, counties and special districts, such as schools, hospitals and public safety districts. State law allows local governments…
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Manufactured homes

Mobile Home Parks

In fact, mobile home parks can be great investments. Demographic, economic and societal changes in the United States over the past 20+ years make mobile home parks great alternatives for many renters in the United States. Mobile home parks provide affordable housing.

real estate education

Mastering Real Estate Investing

The traits, skills, and knowledge mastery in real estate investing requires.

Risk and reward rental properties

Is a Job Required?

Investment property requires money. That money may come from a job, savings, an inheritance and so on. The job itself is not a requirement, although it can be helpful to have a job, a source of income. I will add that having money does not mean the person can manage it. Therefore, follow good investment…
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Portfolio Growth

REITs or Rental Property?

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) offer advantages and disadvantages over owning rental properties. To know whether investing in a REIT is as good as owning an investment property first decide whether being a landlord appeals to you. Rental properties require upkeep, management, and dealing with tenants or paying a property management company to do so.…
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real estate investing training

Essential Real Estate Investor Traits

Real estate investing is both an art and a science and requires certain skills for those who want to succeed. First, successful Real estate Investors focus, take consistent action, are organized, and have knowledge in sales. They learn about finance, construction and other subjects.  Successful real estate investors also cultivate patience. Investors are on a…
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Real Estate Investment Options

The Best Investment Options

How to find the best investment options for real estate investors.