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Smarter Investor

Entrepreneurship and real estate investing go hand in hand. Both coin millionaires and billionaires around the globe. They have throughout history. And, socio-economic and societal trends influence real estate investing.

Are you interested in income properties? Or maybe you want to know how to invest successfully even if you have zero experience in real estate? Do you ever wonder what investments are best and how to avoid mistakes? Or maybe you want to know how to fund such properties?

Whether you are a novice or a veteran real estate investor, long-time real estate professional and investor Gabrielle Dahms offers straightforward answers. How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor explores how any real estate investor can capitalize on emerging trends to generate large incomes. You will learn how investing in these trends allows investors to make a difference while making a profit.

Learn how to:

• Identify the Right Investment

• Cash in on Trends

• Add Value and Win Big

• Find the right financing.

• Avoid Common Pitfalls

• Change your Life for the Better

• Minimize Risk

• Solve Problems, Do Good, and Make Money

Plus: 7 Powerful Real Estate Investment Rules

Trends make for smarter investors!

Turn your dreams into reality to become a successful real estate investor.

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Praise for Trends

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what readers have to say:

How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor makes sense of the complexities of real estate investments. The reader learns about market signs to watch before investing and, more importantly, when to wait until opportunities present themselves. This book guides inexperienced real estate buyers and investors in building their portfolio with real property. The author’s experience is shared openly and will assist the reader in their path to property ownership and investment..

Highly recommended.

Nick Falus

Author of “My Real Estate Adventures”

A beautiful little book that eschews risky get-rich-fast schemes in favor of a sustainable long-term approach to wealth accumulation through real estate investing. I am 53 now but I wish I had read this book when I was much younger. It would have saved me a lot of pain and loss along the way – financial and otherwise…

The book’s pages are packed with wisdom and insights that apply not only to real estate investing but to life. Thanks to Gabrielle Dahms for putting together such a gem of a book!

Calvin Burnes

Real Estate Investor

What I enjoyed most about this book is how the author was able to break down a complex subject into understandable terms and strategies. I have been a real estate agent for some time and know that real estate investment is a complicated process as there is so much to consider. In How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor, the author concisely and clearly explains all the steps that a regular person, new to the real estate investing world, would need to know. A very good and skilled read. One I highly recommend not only to my clients but to anyone interested in taking steps towards real estate investment.

Laurent Martini

San Francisco Realtor™