Is Bay Area Real Estate Worth Buying?

Where would you like to buy real estate in the Bay Area? Are you thinking of buying a home, condo or TIC to live in? Or are you seeking to invest in real estate in the Bay Area?

In either case, the San Francisco/Bay Area is a high cost-of-living locale and real estate values remain high. Yet, the Bay Area consists of various real estate markets, micro-markets, and pockets, so where you consider buying real estate in the Bay Area can make a difference.

Low inventory and high demand for housing continue to drive prices throughout the Bay Area. That is unlikely to change anytime soon, so buying here is a personal decision. If you intend to live here long-term or invest long-term, the decision to buy might be easier. Otherwise, many other places in the country offer you more for your money.

The Bay Area real estate landscape is highly competitive, and markets like Oakland and other East Bay cities have appreciated immensely over a short period of time.

Take a look at your finances and consult with a mortgage professional and your CPA to understand the financial benefits of buying real estate here – or if there are any for you, which depends on your specific financial and even work circumstances. Doing this will guide you to Bay Area real estate realities, your comfort level, and the right property or niche for you.

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